Our Vision

To share games with the world that inspire people to play for more every day.


Game Taco's Values


We love competition and are built to win. Pushing the boundaries of the possible is second nature to us. We strive to grow our business and team in all ways, maximizing our potential and raising the bar. We will measure success in part by our ability to increase profits, expand and improve upon our game portfolio and grow our player community.  


We put our players and their experience first. Their trust in us is sacred. We observe, analyze and seek feedback from our community, and we act on it. We provide meaningful player experiences and create long lasting relationships. We make play important, adding moments of fun to the everyday.


We are stronger together. We communicate to each other frequently and transparently. We socialize new ideas and seek diverse perspectives. We celebrate our wins and learn from our mistakes. We are a distributed workforce who sees value in coming together in highly collaborative ways. We believe in supporting the growth of our teammates, recognizing those who go the extra mile and welcome new members as we grow. The spirit of play and friendly competition is something we also bring into our workplace, ensuring Game Taco is a fun place to work.



We operate with honesty, respect and professionalism at all times. There are no shortcuts. We take accountability for our work and honor our commitments to our team, our partners and our players.


We deliver on objectives. We hold each other to a high standard and rely on each person do their part.  We go the extra mile, tackling challenges at a fast pace. Speed, agility, quality, and sustainability are critical to what we do.


Meet our Team

Nancy MacIntyre

Chief executive officer

Johanns Gregorian

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Weston

Chief Financial Officer

Todd Grupe

VP Platform Architecture

Leif Simonson

Chief Games & Product Officer

Dustin Davis

Vice President, White Label

Shannon Greenwood

VP Games Engineering

Marcia Parent

Director of Human Resources

Jobs at Game Taco

Interested in joining us on our mission? This is an exciting time to be part of the skill gaming industry.